Russians told how yoga delays the onset of dementia Yogin Konstantinov: yoga helps protect the mind and memory in old age 12:29

Some scientific articles claim that yoga may help delay dementia. As Mikhail Konstantinov, yogi director of the Moscow Ashtanga Yoga Center, an authorized teacher of Ashtanga yoga in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, told, in his practice he met older people who practiced yoga until very old age. , maintaining a sound mind.

“I met people who were 70 years old, 80 years old and above, and who had a healthy mind and memory, doing yoga. But it has never happened in my practice that people start working with a diagnosis. But I think this is because the dementia is “caught” in the later stages. “When I compare older people who practice yoga with their peers who do not practice yoga, I clearly come to the conclusion that yoga helps keep their mind healthy,” said’s interlocutor.

According to him, yoga includes exercises aimed at harmonizing the work of all internal systems of the digestive system, circulation, excretion and normalizing blood pressure.

“We also work with the musculoskeletal system. We learn to use lung capacity to its full extent, meaning breathing becomes more efficient. Liver, spleen, stomach, intestines – everything begins to work better. “Many asanas are designed to affect the internal organs in a specific way: to compress in some places, to stretch in others, to create extra space, to slow down or speed up blood circulation,” Yogi said.

Learn more about what the practice of yoga can give a person, how to get off the “mat level,” how to move forward in mastering yoga, and what it can give a person spiritually. report Konstantinov “”.

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