State Duma warns crimes involving SVO soldiers “will increase further” 14:37

A suspect was detained in the brutal murder of a 12-year-old girl in the city of Topki of the Kemerovo region – according to media reports, the man convicted many times left the colony to participate in a military operation and has already managed to return. Nina Ostanina, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family Protection, Paternity, Motherhood and Childhood Issues, told that “such crimes involving military personnel will increase even more” because they are not socialized. He believes law enforcement should protect the public from these people.

“There will be more of these crimes. Even more so, because the involvement of people in prison to participate in the special operation will lead to the return of these people from the special operation. It is clear that they are returning to society, not to where they were. And it turns out that this period of socialization has become shorter for them. Suppose someone has served half of his sentence, someone has served a third, and participation in a special operation is grounds for returning ahead of schedule. But this should in no way absolve our law enforcement from the responsibility of helping these people socialize; “I’m putting it mildly, but actually it’s to protect society from these people,” he said.

Ostanina emphasized that convicts returning from the front should be in regular contact with law enforcement forces, and they are obliged to assist the army with employment.

“They do not exist in greenhouse conditions; On the one hand, there is the colony, and on the other hand, there are even more difficult conditions in the special operations zone. At first these people felt like criminals, criminals, but now they became heroes. And this sense of heroism will also affect the return of these people to civil society. For this reason, the control of law enforcement forces over people who returned from the special operations area and were previously in prison should not be taken away in any way. This control must be continuous. This should be, on the one hand, assistance with employment, and on the other hand, weekly, monthly checks and contacts with law enforcement agencies. “I will contact you again in this particular case,” he added.

Ostanina explained that the relevant bill should appear in the near future; According to him, MPs need to “hurry up”.

“I can’t say that [когда появится законопроект]Because our defense committee has not yet taken such an initiative. He only put forward the idea of ​​democratizing the right of these people to join the Northwest Military District area, but has not yet introduced the second part. I think that we, the MPs, and especially our committee, which is supposed to protect the interests of children, should hurry. “I think we will encourage the relevant defense committee to submit such a proposal,” he said.

On June 18, a 12-year-old schoolgirl left her home in the town of Topki, Kemerovo region and did not return. Volunteers and law enforcement searched for the missing person for more than a day.

On June 19, the child’s body was found at the bottom of a well near an abandoned building. Investigators determined the girl’s death was criminal in nature. How reported The official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Irina Volk, said law enforcement officers detained a 49-year-old suspect for a crime. With data Telegram channel “Attention, News” was 49-year-old Andrei Bykov from the village of Maly Korchugan, who left the colony for the Northern Military District and was captured in April. Then the guy was put on the exchange list and returned to Kuzbass in February.

How I learned He appeared in court at least six times, in 2019 he was sentenced to 13.5 years in prison for the murder of a pensioner – he robbed and strangled the woman, “” reported.

How reported On the Telegram channel Mash Siberia, Bykov grabbed a girl on her way from school and taunted her before killing her; He tied her to a tree, undressed her, and tried unsuccessfully to satisfy himself. He then strangled the child with his own trousers and left, returning the next morning, hitting the body several times in the chest with a skewer and throwing it into the well.

Russian military man was killed before he scored by the fists of a co-worker who prevented him from having sex with a prostitute

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Source: Gazeta


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