Analysts: Can’t count on BT mortgage extension in 2025 13:57

Financial analyst Andrei Plotnikov says that the authorities will begin to phase out the preferential BT mortgage program, because it has become too expensive to cover the difference between the rate and the refinancing rate. There is no point in waiting for it to be extended in its previous form until next year, stated He talks to

The expert stated that if the Central Bank raises the interest rate to 17 or 18 percent at its next meeting, payments to banks may increase even more significantly. Therefore, to stabilize the situation, most preferential programs will be stopped for several years. He also acknowledged that some concessional loan programs could be expanded, but stressed that quotas would be small.

“Home loan interest rates in Russia are already expensive and will increase further. It is already difficult to get a loan and the situation will only get worse,” the analyst concluded.

Before that, let’s remember this in the State Duma. registeredIt is stated that the program, which started in mid-2022, includes 1.5% of the mortgage portfolio structure of Russian banks. Government plans reported exclude from program Moscow and St. Raising the minimum income threshold for specialists from the regions as well as St. Petersburg.

Previously recognizedHe said IT mortgages had surpassed Far Eastern and Arctic mortgages in demand.

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Source: Gazeta


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