NATO agrees to accelerate training of Ukrainian army 12:38

NATO command will accelerate the training of the Ukrainian army. writes about this RIA News in your material.

The organization hopes that accelerated training will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) not to be inferior to the Russian army in quantity and quality on the battlefield. Training of Ukrainian fighters will take place on the territory of the American military base in Wiesbaden, Germany, and about 700 instructors will come to their aid.

According to the agency, the training of Ukrainian military personnel will be carried out in a dozen training centers in various countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, while the training control process will be completely transferred to Brussels.

This approach is expected to solve two problems at once: A centralized management system will emerge that effectively redistributes resources; This will also protect the new system from criticism and any interference from Donald Trump, especially if he wins the US presidential election.

As for the training of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the methodology will not change. They will be trained in offensive tactics, urban combat, field medicine and defensive tactics. Ukrainian soldiers will also have to go through crew training courses on Western armored vehicles. Preparation will take from two weeks to one and a half months. Accelerated training will also affect American F-16 fighter jet pilots. Their training will last six months.

Le Monde newspaper reportedHe said that the French army will train 26 pilots from the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) to fly F-16 fighter jets within two years.

Some pilots will be ready to complete their training as early as September 2024. Currently, 10 Ukrainian pilots are being trained in France. They will first receive training in England, then go to Romania after France, where they will transfer from simulators to real F-16s.

It was previously reported to be in schools and universities in Ukraine. will introduce basic military training.

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Source: Gazeta


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