Scientists have found a simple way to burn more calories while walking 16:59

Scientists have found a simple way to burn more calories while walking 16:59

Walking at an irregular pace helps you burn more calories than usual. This was shown by a study by American scientists, according to reports daily mail.

Volunteers with an average age of 24 and an average weight of 70.5 kg were asked to walk on a treadmill for five minutes. Meanwhile, a special system recorded average step lengths.

Participants were then asked to change their step length for another five-minute walk. The length of the stride began to differ from normal (both up and down) by 5-10%. Energy expenditure was evaluated based on the volume of exhaled carbon dioxide.

Movement analysis of 18 healthy adults showed that energy expenditure increased by 0.7% for every percentage increase in stride variability. The changes were small but noticeable.

Scientists believe that people need to use more muscles to maintain balance when moving from short to long strides or vice versa. Therefore, calorie consumption increases. The results may mean that older adults (especially those with neurological conditions) may need more calories to walk.

Previously doctor Müftakhetdinova in the name Two diets that reduce systemic inflammation.

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Source: Gazeta


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