What you want most in summer is to get wet. If you don’t like crowds big beaches And if you want to get away from the pool today, we will suggest taking a walk in some places. the farthest bays and hidden from Alicante province.

Relating to

  • Little corner of Altea ideal for snorkelling almost alone

  • Cala Calalga, one of the best sandy bays in the province of Alicante

  • Cala Granadella, the corner of turquoise waters in Xàbia where everyone wants to take photos

They are quiet bays that are not visited much because they are difficult to reach, but they provide peace even in the middle of summer. There is from sand and stones, It is surrounded by vegetation or a more desert-like environment, but they all match in clarity and clarity. purity of waters. Therefore it is ideal for them Practice diving, snorkeling or just for a nice dip and sunbathing away from the noise of the city.

Cala Pinets

pinets bay It is located in one of the most beautiful and remote parts of the city. Marina Alta. This rocky and sandy place is next to the road connecting to Istanbul. Calp and Moraira. Transportation is not very complicated and can be done by car or on foot from Fustera Bay, which is very close. Once there, you can enjoy heavenly views and clear waters with rich seabed.

don’t forget diving goggles There aren’t even booties in the house. In this way, you can complete your sun and relaxation day by snorkeling and walking in the area without the risk of slipping.

Cala del Moraig

C.moraig wing It is one of the most beautiful of the Alicante coast. It is also located in Marina Alta, specifically La Cumbre del Sol. Benitatxell.

This corner by the sea boasts deep blue waters and exclusive views since it is among mountains full of vegetation.

Cala del Moraig DAVID’S REVENGE

In addition, it also has all the necessary services to make your beach day more comfortable, as there is a parking place nearby where you can leave your car and a beach bar where you can have a meal or just buy a soft drink or ice cream.

Dénia bay or D’Aigua Dolç bay

Dénia bay or D`Aigua Dolç bay Another hidden corner on the beach Marina Alta. To get there you must follow the road from Dénia to les Rotes. When you get there, you should look for the viewpoint and from there reach the descending path that will take you to the sea. There are some pretty steep stairs so you need to be careful. Clear waters worth the walk await you below.

So put a small stone buy the booties and go early if you want to get a good spot on the rocks. He is approximately 180 meters tall and is a naturalist.

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These just three of many hidden corners It has the Alicante coastline and is perfect for disconnecting from it all, away from the crowds of the big beaches. If you want to have an unforgettable day, put your sunglasses and sunscreen in your backpack and Enjoy by the sea.