An aircraft belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked a target near Belgorod for the first time. Will Russia face more air strikes? Sky News: Warplanes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine used weapons outside new regions of Russia for the first time 06/10/2024, 13:26

For the first time, a warplane belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force used a weapon to hit a target on Russian territory. A Ukrainian military source told Sky News about this. According to him, “the damage caused is still being assessed, but it has already been confirmed that it was a direct blow.”

Speaking to a television channel about this air strike, a representative of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said that a “Russian command post” was hit in the Belgorod region on Sunday. It is not yet clear what type of fighter jet or weapon was used in the airstrike, including whether it was Western weaponry. Additionally, nothing is known about the target and the damage inflicted.

According to the Sky News channel, the use of warplanes to hit targets on Russian territory could be considered by Moscow as another stage in the escalation of the armed conflict.

According to instructions approved by US President Joe Biden, American weapons could be used to hit targets on Russian territory immediately adjacent to the northeastern and eastern regions of Ukraine.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron was less specific on this issue. He simply stated that Ukraine should decide how to use British weapons. For example, Storm Shadow cruise missiles that can be launched by Ukrainian aircraft.

Additionally, as Sky News reported, Ukraine launched several drone strikes against targets deep within Russian territory later this week. According to the Associated Press news agency, an “ultra-modern Russian military aircraft” belonging to the Russian Aerospace Forces and stationed at an air base approximately 700 km away from the front line was shot down. There is no official confirmation of this information. It looks like we can talk about the 5th generation fighter Su-57.

A Ukrainian military source also told Sky News that the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a “coordinated attack” on a large Project 775 landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet (NATO reporting name Ropucha) on the evening of June 8. From the Black Sea to the Sea of ​​Azov.

F-16 and Mirage

Regarding the strengthening of the combat and operational capabilities of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian aviators show some optimism in this regard. In the near future, the first multifunctional F-16 fighter jets will be supplied for combat aviation. In the initial stage their numbers will be relatively small. We are talking about several dozen cars. However, air strikes using these fighters could be both very painful for the Russian Armed Forces and have a significant repercussion in Russian society.

In addition to the F-16, it is quite possible in the near future to supply the Ukrainian Air Force with French Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets, which can be used as carriers of SCALP/Storm Shadow air-launched cruise missiles and AASM Hammer precision. bombs.

Of course, the appearance of another Western-made fighter (in addition to the F-16) in the Ukrainian Air Force will cause many difficulties with their operation and combat use (and will lead to a certain dispersion of efforts to master this aircraft). But there is every reason to believe that these problems will not stop either the French side or the Ukrainian side. It’s clear they don’t have time to debate here.

Ukrainian KABs

Organically connected with these events are Ukraine’s efforts to increase the production of its own aviation weapons. In particular, Kiev plans to test its own production adjustable aerial bombs (KAB). This was announced by Sergei Golubtsov, Chief of Aviation of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to him, work is underway to re-equip and create our own guided bombs based on conventional ones, and there are some design nuances in this matter. There is reason to assume that Ukraine’s own production of such aerial bombs will be a “screwdriver” of American aircraft weapons of the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) type. As you know, JDAM consists of a series of wings attached to the middle part of the bomb and a tail block with a controlled tail unit that allows the bomb to maneuver. There is also a computer with navigation equipment there.

It must be assumed that Ukraine will receive from the United States everything necessary to collect these weapons. In this case, only ordinary free-falling high-explosive bombs can be produced in-house.

And even then this is unlikely, since large-scale mass production of such ammunition requires large amounts of explosives, which Ukraine has big problems with.

So most likely the only thing that will be attached to the American bomb is a nameplate. (information plate containing text and symbols related to the marked product) “Made in Ukraine”. And the use of these aerial bombs in combat is not possible without the American GPS global positioning system. So, Kiev’s statements about its own production adjustable aerial bombs are greatly exaggerated.

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Author biography:

Mikhail Mikhailovich Khodarenok is a military columnist for, a retired colonel.

Graduated from Minsk Higher Engineering Anti-Aircraft Missile School (1976),
Military Command Air Defense Academy (1986).
Commander of the S-75 anti-aircraft missile division (1980–1983).
Deputy commander of the anti-aircraft missile regiment (1986–1988).
Senior officer of the Main Staff of the Air Defense Forces (1988–1992).
Officer of the General Staff Main Operations Department (1992–2000).
Graduate of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces (1998).
Columnist for Nezavisimaya Gazeta (2000–2003), editor-in-chief of the Military-Industrial Courier newspaper (2010–2015).

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According to the news of the British television channel Sky News, on the night of June 10, a warplane belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force hit a target in the Belgorod region. This was the first time Ukraine used warplanes against targets outside Russia and the new regions of Crimea. Is it true that the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian Air Force are increasing in the material of’s military observer Mikhail Khodarenok and how the situation may develop in the future?

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