Scientists debunked the myth that weight is gained due to late dinner 06/15/2024, 23:48

A study in obese people found that the number of calories per day, rather than the timing of meals, affected weight loss effectiveness. This was reported by Health Day.

41 obese and prediabetic people, mostly black women, with an average age of 59, participated in the experiment. They all ate meals prepared by the scientists, with the same daily calories. While one group could consume most of their calories after 5 p.m. and eat at other times, the second group limited their meals to between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

After 12 weeks, all participants lost approximately the same amount of weight. Sugar levels were also about the same.

Scientists have noted that intermittent fasting (limiting the time you eat to a specific interval) may be easier than counting calories. Therefore, people who do not have contraindications can try this type of nutrition. For the rest of you, there’s no need to be afraid of eating at night when you’re losing weight: losing weight won’t do you any harm.

Russians before saidThis diet provides immediate protection against cancer, dementia, heart attack and stroke.

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Source: Gazeta


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