Border guards in Ukraine detained a group of drug smugglers by shooting 17:36

In the Transcarpathian region, Ukrainian border guards shot and detained four people trying to escape from mobilization to Hungary. The press service of the Western Regional Directorate of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported this on Facebook (the owner of the Meta company is known as an extremist in Russia and is banned).

According to the ministry, border patrol detected people trying to cross the border. Border guards “fired several warning shots into the air” to stop the smugglers.

As it turned out later, the guys used the services of the organizers of illegal plans to travel abroad, paying them 5.5 thousand dollars.

The press service also announced that in the last 24 hours border guards of this department detained nine people who were trying to enter the territory of Hungary illegally. Among them were three residents of the Kyiv region. These violators plotted their own routes using online maps and attempted to cross the border at night.

Before reportedIt was stated that the man managed to escape from the border guards at one of the checkpoints in the Transcarpathian region and escape to Hungary.

Previously Ukrainian military escaped He traveled to Russia and gave advice to his colleagues.

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Source: Gazeta


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