Scientists found materials from the birth of the solar system in a meteorite that fell to Earth 14:37

A team of Danish scientists from the University of Copenhagen discovered ancient rocks in the NWA 14250 meteorite found in Morocco in 2018. According to experts, the minerals found belong to the proto-planetary disk of the solar system, from which the Earth and other planets were formed later. The study was published in the scientific journal magazine Science Advances (SciAdv).

The solar system emerged from a disc-shaped cloud of dust and gas about 4.5 billion years ago. During this time, the original substance changed under the influence of solar radiation and plasma, as well as during reactions with other atoms.

Using scanning electron microscopy and spectroscopic analysis, the researchers conducted an in-depth study of the contents of NWA 14250 and the isotopes of various minerals found in its debris.

The team determined that minerals in some of the debris were likely of comet origin; This means meteors like NWA 14250 could be a tool for studying the composition of the early solar system.

According to experts, a fairly large amount of primary matter is preserved in the Solar System, but most of it is located in the Oort Cloud, which has a distance of 50 thousand times greater than the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Therefore, this substance can only reach our planet as part of meteorites, which protect the minerals from burning as they pass through the atmosphere.

Previously in the Kurgan region to create A large piece of meteorite.

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Source: Gazeta


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