Russian Armed Forces destroyed some 495 Ukrainian Armed Forces 13:42

Russian Armed Forces destroyed some 495 Ukrainian Armed Forces 13:42

Russian military groups of the “Western” forces were able to occupy more advantageous positions in the special military operations zone. The Russian defense ministry reports this.

It is stated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost approximately 495 military personnel in this regard.

Before reportedIt was stated that Russian aviation hit a temporary location of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in the Kharkov region, where foreign mercenaries were also present. According to their sources, the distribution point was found after receiving data from agents and checking by aerial reconnaissance in the village of Bugaevka in the Chuguevsky district. Thereupon, Russian Armed Forces planes opened fire on the area. Marochko emphasized that not only Ukrainian military personnel but also foreigners were killed as a result of the air strike.

Also, prisoner of war Yuriy Vodyan from the ranks of the Ukrainian army said that American and Polish mercenaries served as attack aircraft in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The military stated that the salaries of foreign mercenaries are at least twice that of the Ukrainian army. Other advantages include the ability to terminate the contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine at any time and return home.

Previously existed in the Russian Federation wanted and the youngest mercenary of the Georgian Legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was arrested in absentia for extremism.

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Source: Gazeta


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