A chemist explained how to quickly eliminate the burning sensation in the mouth after spicy food 20:40

To quickly relieve the burning and pain in the mouth after eating spicy foods, you can drink milk or eat ice cream, and also drop a small amount of oil into your mouth. On the contrary, ice water and beer will not bring relief. About this post Daily Mail said Dr Daniel Eldridge is Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at Swinburne University of Technology (Australia).

Eldridge explained that all spicy foods contain compounds called capsaicinoids. They do not cause “physical heating” of the mucous membranes and skin, but act on certain receptors in the oral cavity, causing a burning sensation.

According to the chemist, the only way to relieve pain and inflammation after an acute event is to eliminate capsaicinoids. It is not recommended to use ice water or beer for this purpose. The fact is that capsaicin is a hydrophobic molecule. This means that when you try to “wash” the compound it is practically immiscible with water. Most beers do not contain enough alcohol to dissolve capsaicinoids, so using them won’t work either.

Dr. Milk is the best option to eliminate the burning sensation, Eldridge said. It contains casein (a protein necessary to maintain fat content) and hydrophobized oils, which help effectively “clear” capsaicinoids from the oral cavity. An equally effective way to relieve discomfort is to rinse your mouth with oil and eat ice cream. These foods also contain fats that eliminate capsaicin molecules.

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