Scientists find that chimpanzees sometimes rely on luck when making decisions 19:17

St. Scottish scientists from the University of Andrews have discovered another similarity between humans and chimpanzees. Experiments have shown that monkeys sometimes also rely on luck when faced with something unknown. The research was published in the scientific journal magazine Biology Letters (BioLetts).

According to previous research, people tend to take a predictive approach, making guesses about things they’re not sure about. It turned out that monkeys can also exhibit similar behavior.

The team designed an experiment in which chimpanzees were shown two cups. One had treats under it, the second was empty. The animals had to choose a container with a prize.

In some versions of the test, the monkeys were shown exactly where the food was, but in others the primates were not given any clues. After the subject pointed to the cup, he was given another chance to choose a second cup or to receive a guaranteed, but small portion of the treat in a smaller cup.

The researchers found that most chimpanzees were more likely to choose the smaller cup if they were not shown which cup contained more food.

In the next step, the scientists changed the scenario by adding more cups, which reduced the chances of choosing the right cup. In doing so, they found that the chimpanzees’ choice depended on their success in the first phase of the experiment.

If they initially chose the wrong cup, the chimpanzee was more likely to choose the smaller cup in the second part of the experiment. However, if they made the right choice in the first round, they are more likely to choose the second cup instead of the pacifier. This discovery suggests that chimpanzees think they might be lucky.

Previous scientists I learnedthat chimpanzees can teach complex skills and abilities to their relatives.

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