“Tank Coalition” for Ukraine includes 13 NATO countries 17:15

13 of 32 NATO countries agreed to share tanks with Ukraine. This was announced by Polish Defense Minister Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysh. RIA News.

The leaders of the coalition were Germany, Italy and Poland. According to the minister, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, England, Canada, the USA and Turkey are also included in this list. The purpose of the coalition is to coordinate the supply of armored vehicles to Ukraine.

“There are already effects; several dozen tanks and hundreds of armored vehicles have been transferred to Ukraine,” Kosinyak-Kamysh emphasized.

Before now Germany to put There are 10 Leopard tanks in Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the North-Eastern Military District of Ukraine accepted Nearly 800 tanks and 30 thousand UAVs are coming from the West.

In addition, over 3.5 thousand combat armored vehicles, about 1.5 thousand guns, about 270 multi-barreled rocket launcher systems (MLRS), more than 250 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM), 7.7 thousand portable air defense systems, up to 290 thousand 130 aircraft and helicopters, as well as anti-tank guns. The total volume of Western military aid to Ukraine has already reached $132 billion.

Previously a German concern denied We supply ammunition and weapons to Ukraine.

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Source: Gazeta


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