The Russian army attacked the location of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Ochakov 16:34

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation attacked a tourist center, a hotel and a military port in Ochakov, where the Ukrainian army is located. This was reported by Sergey Lebedev, coordinator of the Nikolaev underground organization. telegram channel.

According to him, the strikes took place on June 14 at around seven in the morning. Residents of the area heard explosions.

“Ochakov tourist center, Foton hotel and military port were attacked,” the underground worker wrote.

Lebedev noted that after the bombardment of the Russian Armed Forces, a severe fire broke out in the camp area where 500 Ukrainian military personnel were stationed. He added that military submarines of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, trained by British instructors, live in the Foton Hotel.

May 22 Lebedev knowledgeableIt was stated that the Russian army carried out a drone attack on the Ochakov military port in the Nikolaev region, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) were preparing to attack Kinburn Spit.

May 20 underground worker reportedThat the Russian Armed Forces attacked the hangars of the former Rybkolkhoz in the city of Ochakov in the Nikolaev region, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces could hide the HIMARS MLRS.

Previously in Ukraine statedThat Russian aviation began dropping 16 times more bombs.

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Source: Gazeta


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