While ‘Survivors’ maintained its clear leadership, ‘Turkish Passion’ remained at a minimum in the last episode.

Mediaset continues to benefit from its attractiveness’survivorsand another Thursday night, its premieres continue to lead prime time 1,413,000 spectators and 20.5%. In its place, ‘Turkish Passion’ last episode, Antena 3 series adaptation of Antonio Gala’s novel, Drops to minimum at 540,000 audience and 6.3%. The series achieved an average share of 7.9% across its six episodes.

On other channels, in prime time, on La 1 with the movie ‘Our Cinema’ “La Vida Padre” nearly reached double digits but remains at 952,000 viewers and 9.9% share. four rises by one 6.9% with ‘Horizon’If the ‘Cinema’ of l isaSexta cannot convince with “Every breath you exhale” and remains at 3.1%.



4 stars: 761,000 (6.4%)

Our Cinema: 952,000 (9.9%)

antenna 3

Anthill: 1,784,000 (15.1%)

Turkish passion: 540,000 (6.3%)


Express survivors: 1,392,000 (11.7%)

Survivors: 1,413,000 (20.5%)


laSexta key: 487,000 (5.2%)

Intermediate: 894,000 (7.7%)

Cinema: 257,000 (3.1%)


First Dates: 438,000 (4.4%)

First Dates: 871,000 (7.5%)

Horizon: 488,000 (6.9%)


Diary of a Nomad: 130,000 (1.5%)

Diary of a Nomad: 239,000 (2.5%)

Numbers and letters: 400,000 (3.7%)

Spanish Fashion Academy Awards: 169,000 (1.5%)

First: 121,000 (1.4%)



Cinema: 356,000 (7.5%)

Overnight in 24 hours: Front page: 119,000 (5.3%)

antenna 3

Turkish passion: 149,000 (3.2%)

Cinema: 68,000 (2.5%)


Casino gran Madrid online show: 213,000 (9.8%)


Cinema 2: 83,000 (2.6%)


In the spotlight: 121,000 (5.5%)


TV Docs: 54,000 (0.9%)

Cinema: 51,000 (1.7%)

Source: Informacion


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