BREAKING NEWS | Karina was urgently hospitalized due to heart disease

The Diversa 2024 Awards celebration featured the LGTBIQ+ collective featuring Blas Cantó, Maestro Joao and carinaKnown for his extensive and successful artistic career.

But, The singer could not attend the ceremony at the last minute because she was not feeling well and eventually had to be hospitalized.As revealed by Juan Boll, director of JN Projects, together with communications company Nano Garcia, who launched these awards, held at the VP Plaza de España hotel in Madrid.

During the presentation of the award, the organizer announced that there should be an interpreter of the ‘Ark of Memories’ for the guests at the event. Being treated in the emergency room for a heart problem and was later transferred to a hospital in Madrid. The extent of his illness is unknown at this time.

Karina is one of the most well-known and loved artists of this country. With over sixty years of experience in the music industry, he experienced a second golden age in 2019 during the health epidemic caused by Covid 19, after opening an Instagram account and becoming a favorite of the social network with the encouragement and messages he gave. weird songs.

Last September, the singer made a big impact by accepting Telecinco’s offer. Joining ‘Big Brother VIP’a reality show that showed him leaving voluntarily for health reasons.

Source: Informacion


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