Parents accused a nurse of beating speech-impaired children at a sanatorium near Moscow 19:49

A nurse working at a sanatorium near Moscow was suspected of beating speech-impaired children. How reports His parents have already contacted the police, reports.

They believe that the woman caused physical and psychological trauma to seven-year-old children who were being treated at the child psychoneurological sanatorium in Ivanteevka. The management of the business refused to show the CCTV footage, claiming that the files were not kept, but denied all accusations against the employee.

According to the parents’ statements, the nurse was using violence against the patients in the nursery group. He allegedly pulled one boy by the hair, then grabbed him by the face and shoulders, hit another boy several times in the back and head, roughly pulled a third by the collar, and locked the little girl in a dark closet as punishment. All this happened one day, on June 5, and was accompanied by screams and insults towards the children.

The nurse, who is alleged to have been rude to young patients, has been working in this sanatorium for many years and considers herself innocent. He was never removed from his position. As a result, parents of affected children prepared a collective declaration.

Previous history of abuse Teachers were suspected Yakut boarding school for deaf children.

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Source: Gazeta


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