Sister of child who died at dentist’s office shared details of tragedy 18:20

The sister of the boy who died at the dentist said the nurse tried to stop the doctor from giving the boy too much anesthesia. writes about this Sibnovosti.

According to the girl, five-year-old Anton lives in a boarding school and came to live with his family two years ago. She met the boy while working at the Sunflower orphanage and insisted that his mother adopt him. The family requested custody of Anton for more than six months.

“He was the only child who ran, jumped, played, wanted to live. I felt very sorry for him, I called my mother and said: “Mom, there is a very good child here, let’s take him into our family”… The doctor ruined the child’s life – I still can’t imagine this, ” He admitted that his sister had died.

The Krasnoyarsk woman says that she had her brothers’ teeth treated at this clinic a few years ago, and then everything went well. She blames the anesthesiologist for what happened to Anton, who did not listen to the nurse. The latter also claims that the doctor was responsible for the death of the little patient.

“The anesthesiologist gives anesthesia, the child has already fallen asleep in his mother’s arms. The nurse says to the doctor: “Maybe this is enough? The child is small, weighs 18 kg. Maybe giving anesthesia is enough?” The doctor told him no, let him sleep better, he needs more anesthesia. Mom noticed this, but what will she tell the doctors? “He is not an expert,” the girl explains.

During the procedure, Anton’s stepmother sat in the aisle; The doctors did not tell him for a long time what happened in the dentist’s office. The deceased’s family is now awaiting autopsy results to determine the exact cause of death and plans to hold the medical institution responsible.

Let us remind you that the incident took place in the private clinic “Truck” of Krasnoyarsk. According to preliminary information, the child and his mother consulted a specialist for dental cleaning and treatment, and the procedures were planned to be performed “asleep”, that is, with a special medicine. At the same time, the parent also had the little patient tested. During the procedure, the child’s condition worsened; Neither the dentists nor the ambulance managed to resuscitate the patient. The child died. Investigators of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation We opened a criminal case Under the article causing death by negligence due to the improper performance of a person’s professional duties.

Previously, a seven-year-old boy in Ingushetia dead Due to doctors’ erroneous diagnosis.

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Source: Gazeta


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