Critique of ‘Eureka’: The destruction of the West


Director: Lisandro Alonso

Cast: Alaina Clifford, Sadie LaPointe, Chiara Mastroianni, Viggo Mortensen

Year: 2023

Premiere: June 14, 2024


First feature film Lisandro Alonso in nine years this his most ambitious work to datesomething like a journey through time, space and mind deconstruction of the west In two ways. In this way, from the beginning, the Argentine explores the situation of America’s indigenous people, their traumatic past and their distorted representation in films. And meanwhile also, destroys the structural traditions of the genre Through narrative interruptions, radical transformations of certain characters, strange visual rhymes and a general conceptual flexibility that perhaps alludes to an endless history of oppression, in which Alonso evokes the elliptical climax of his previous film ‘Jauja’ (2014).

The first episode of ‘Eureka’ is a parody visit to the cinematic Old West; the second adopts the director’s typical minimalist and observational style, observing life in a Sioux region, and the third, while contemplating a tribe living in the Brazilian jungle in the 70s An entrance to the land of magic. Throughout the three, the film will undoubtedly cause rejection from those who don’t get along with the movie. Its soothing rhythm and elusive logicIt will seduce the rest thanks to its director’s ability to make even the most antidramatic scenes hypnotic and create images that will not be forgotten easily.

Source: Informacion


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