Scientists discovered how children affect the attractiveness of men in the eyes of women 06/12/2024, 21:29

Dutch scientists from Leiden University examined the perception of men with children in the eyes of women. The research was published in the scientific journal magazine Evolutionary Psychological Science (EPS).

The team focused on an understudied aspect of human attractiveness: the impact of a man’s affectionate behavior toward his children on perceived attractiveness toward the opposite sex.

This emphasis stems from evolutionary theories, which suggest that certain characteristics of potential partners, such as nurturance, are highly valued because they signal reliability and suitability for long-term relationships and child-rearing.

433 women over the age of 18 participated in the research. Participants were given two tasks to measure men’s attractiveness.

In the first test, they looked at photos of men alone or interacting with a child. In the second test, participants read passages describing men’s activities. In some sections the men took care of the children, in others they did not.

Each mission consisted of 20 chapters; Participants rated men’s attractiveness on a scale from zero (not at all attractive) to 100 (very attractive).

Researchers found that men shown interacting with children were rated as significantly more attractive than those shown alone. This effect was particularly pronounced among women who were highly motivated to care or who had or wanted to have children.

Additionally, tests have shown that attractiveness ratings depend on a woman’s menstrual cycle. Women reported that while they were ovulating, men rated themselves as more attractive overall, regardless of grooming conditions.

According to the authors of the study, their discovery made it possible to better understand the properties of gravitational mechanisms.

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