They suggested where Ukrainian F-16s will take off from in the UK from 06/12/2024 20:11

Ukrainian F-16 warplanes will take off to Romania to begin combat missions. This was stated by British expert Alexander Merkouris on his YouTube channel. standing.

“Obviously, the main goal is to operate the F-16 from bases in Romania. <...> “I guess they don’t want the Romanians to be nervous, so they tell everyone the story that they will transport planes from Romania to Ukraine, then arm them and only then bring them into war,” Mercouris said.

According to the expert, if these fighters are confirmed to be used in combat missions, there is a high probability that Romanian air bases will be destroyed.

Before this, Dutch Defense Minister Kaisa Ollongren statedHe said the first updated F-16 fighter jets will be transferred to the Ukrainian army this summer.

Previously in Russia announced Award for downed F-16 plane

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Source: Gazeta


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