Scientists found that “bad” athletes won more gold at the Olympic Games 06/11/2024, 21:23

Scientists from Trent University in Nottingham (England) found that egocentric, ruthless and manipulative athletes are more likely to win gold medals at the Olympic Games. Research results published In the journal Personality and Individual Differences (PID).

Scientists analyzed the personal qualities of more than 300 elite athletes and compared the results with their professional achievements. It was noted that the participants in the research were swimmers, triathletes and cyclists.

The subjects’ character traits were described as conforming to what is called the Dark Triad. The designation “dark” indicates negative character traits that are abusive to others, such as narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Narcissism is an inflated, assertive self-perception; Machiavellianism is a personality trait characterized by interpersonal manipulation, indifference to morality, lack of empathy, and ruthlessness and cruelty towards others. Psychopathy is accompanied by empathy deficit and inability to repent.

The results showed that self-centeredness, ruthlessness and manipulativeness were more likely to characterize elite athletes who won gold medals at the Olympic Games. Researchers also found that coaches treated athletes less favorably if they scored high on cruelty or psychopathy. At the same time, more brutal athletes felt less comfortable working with their coaches and had less respect for them.

Previous fast running ability connected with long life.

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