‘La Rouleta de la Suerte’ says goodbye and announces the saddest change: This will be the new area in Antena 3

If we had to point to an iconic program on Spanish television, we wouldn’t hesitate to point to ‘La Roulette de la Suerte’. pillar of programming Over the years from Antena 3 and since its debut almost two decades ago, it has entertained generations and generations of audience Thanks to the fast dynamics of emotions and rewards.

Thus, Jorge Fernández became a familiar face in all homes of Spain.I used to watch the show before the news on one of the majority networks in the current television offerings.

This is what the presenter said

But in the end everything ends at some point, as in the classic set of the famous contest television It now meets a new stage.

Program after turning eighteen decided to completely revamp its image and they undergo a transformation that leads to a change of scenery that adapts to new times.

Brand new presenter Jorge Fern├índez shared on his social networks Some pictures of the reconstruction process through social networks showing an unrecognizable area and the process it is in: while the famous roulette wheel is bare and the panel is closed, operators work to provide service around the clock a “facelift” to space.

This significant change will mark the end of an era in the Wheel of Fortune, but also the beginning of a new and exciting phase. audience they will say goodbye forever They are eager to discover the new look and the surprises the renewed set has in store for them.

Trial in coming weeks you can witness the result The harbinger of this great transformation is that La Rouleta de la Suerte opens its new set and begins broadcasting new episodes that promise to continue to fascinate viewers with their emotions and entertainment.

Source: Informacion


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