Deaf Dentist health hazards from missing teeth: Missing teeth bring four problems 12:08

Missing teeth; It brings with it four main problems: deterioration of chewing function, increased risk of fracture or fracture of the remaining teeth, changes in the position of the teeth in the teeth, and aesthetic problems. Alexey Glukhoded, dentist-therapist and surgeon at the Be Healthy clinic, told

“Impairment of the chewing function leads to insufficient chewing of food, which has a bad effect on the entire digestive system of the body, from the processes of digestion of food in the stomach to the processes of absorption in the intestine, which increases the occurrence of diseases. diseases of the gastrointestinal tract such as gastritis, enterocolitis and others”, said the specialist.

The increased functional load due to the absence of some teeth leads to an increased risk of fracture or breakage of the remaining teeth.

“The compensatory abilities of the remaining teeth may no longer be sufficient, so inflammation or atrophy of the periodontal tissue occurs, resulting in pain, mobility, chips, fractures, ultimately leading to the loss of other teeth. “The circle is closing,” said the doctor.

The absence of teeth also requires a change in the position of the teeth in the teeth. For example, the teeth behind the missing one in the side areas begin to lean towards the defect. In the future, this situation makes prosthetics very difficult and sometimes results in their failure to be made.

“Aesthetic problems are no less important. “Feelings of embarrassment, uncertainty and the inability to smile are not very helpful to anyone,” the doctor concluded.

used to be a doctor in the name The first signs of menopausal facial aging.

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