Russian women were told how to determine the presence of a tumor by the nature of chest pain Oncologist Isakova: Unilateral chest pain in women indicates a tumor 12:11

Mastodynia or mastalgia is a term that refers to pain in the mammary gland. There are three types of mastalgia, which differ in the nature and causes of pain. Suna Isakova, an oncologist at the SberZdorovye medical company, told in this regard that unilateral chest pain may indicate a neoplasm.

The most common pain is cyclical. According to the doctor, this has a direct connection with the menstrual cycle. This type of mastodynia is characterized by bilateral pain in the second half of the cycle, just before menstruation. These are accompanied by swelling of the mammary glands, engorgement and increased sensitivity.

“Acyclic mastodynia is pain in the mammary gland that is unrelated to the menstrual cycle and hormonal changes. The reasons for its occurrence may be benign formations of the mammary glands, for example, cysts, taking oral contraceptives, mastitis – an infectious-inflammatory disease of the breast, as well as increased size of the mammary glands, trauma to the glands or previously occurred. mastectomy. Acyclic mastodynia is characterized by unilateral pain occurring in a specific area of ​​​​the mammary gland, but it can also be bilateral, for example, due to large breast size. In cases of acyclic mastodynia, the woman is prescribed ultrasound or mammography, and treatment is selected depending on the cause of the pain,” said doctor Isakova.

Extramammary mastalgia is separately distinguished – this is a feeling of pain in the mammary gland, which is caused not by functional or pathological changes in the mammary glands, but by disturbances in the functioning of other organs and systems. It often develops in metabolic-dystrophic diseases of the spine, joints, heart disease, radicular and myalgic syndromes. This type of mastodynia is characterized by unilateral pain, but sometimes it can be bilateral and may be accompanied by muscle pain.

“It’s also worth noting that pain is not the leading symptom of breast cancer. In order not to miss oncological pathology in the early stages, it is necessary to undergo periodic screening – from the age of 40, do mammography every two years. But if a woman’s first-degree relatives, for example, her mother, grandmother or sister, have such a diagnosis, then screening should also be carried out starting from the age of 40, but annually,” recommends the SberHealth doctor.

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