A drunk young man attacked holidaymakers with brass knuckles and a knife on the Penza beach 21:41

In Penza, a teenager attacked holidaymakers with brass knuckles and knocked over a gazebo on the beach. In this respect reported “Penza in short” on the Telegram channel.

The incident occurred in the Penza microdistrict of the GPP; A drunken teenager armed with a knife and brass knuckles was wandering along the beach. The young man acted aggressively, rushing at passers-by and knocking over the gazebo.

Two men tried to calm him down, but in response to these words the young man hit one of them in the face with brass knuckles. Details about the victim’s condition are unknown. Circumstances of the incident and identity of the bully to organise law enforcement officers.

Previously St. young people in St. Petersburg for rent He destroyed the hut. Young people threw a noisy party in the country house they rented for a day. According to the owner of the hut, drunk teenagers smashed the walls of the house with a sledgehammer, broke the door, broke the windows, bent plasma, scattered furniture and covered the floors with blood, running around the area with heartbreaking screams. , scaring people around. The man filed a complaint with law enforcement. The conditions of the event are being determined.

Formerly school children in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug irreverent Orthodox Church.

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Source: Gazeta


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