A scientist lets hundreds of mosquitoes bite him every day for the sake of science 18:16

Hundreds of mosquitoes bite almost daily an Australian scientist who studies them, writes Unilad.

Dr. Perran Ross devoted his life to studying mosquitoes. The man observes their lifestyle, reproduction and other aspects. In order for these insects to survive in laboratory conditions, the man literally feeds them with his own blood and allows them to bite him. According to the researcher, the subjects would behave “normally” if they were allowed to eat naturally.

Perran has no fear of contracting malaria or other diseases that mosquitoes can carry because the mosquitoes feed exclusively on his blood and are kept in sterile conditions. As for the itching in the bite areas, Ross is already accustomed to this feeling and practically does not pay attention to it.

The doctor had warned before what dangerous diseases It can be spread by mosquitoes.

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Source: Gazeta


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