A healthy oral microbiome is associated with higher cognitive abilities 11:17

Scientists from Tzu Chi University in Taiwan found that a rich diversity of oral bacteria is associated with higher cognitive performance and good brain health in older adults. Research results published In the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging (JNHA).

People between the ages of 60 and 69 participated in the study. The scientists first collected information about the participants; recorded body mass index, ethnicity, education level, social status, alcohol consumption, smoking status, physical activity level, diabetes and hypertension.

The researchers then assessed the microbial diversity in the volunteers’ mouths by laboratory analysis of bacteria in samples of a special liquid that the participants first rinsed their mouths with. In the third stage, the cognitive abilities of the subjects were evaluated; They underwent special tests for memory, attention and speech fluency. Repeat testing was conducted one year after the start of the study.

The results showed that individuals with higher oral microbial alpha diversity were less likely to experience age-related declines in cognitive ability and executive function and were also less likely to experience negative changes in memory. Scientists have suggested that a healthy microbiome prevents the development of systemic inflammation in the body, potentially leading to neuronal dysfunction and impaired cognitive abilities.

Previous scientists developed dementia test.

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