Nvidia and AMD family war in chip industry

“Are you coming to Computex? Are you going to see the CEO of Nvidia? We love him so much here in Taiwan.” These are the words of a tourist guide who has just met us and they serve to break the ice in the hotel elevator, but they are a summary of the exciting news on the island. There’s no bigger attraction in Taipei these days. Chase Jensen Huang wherever he goes: She had visited all the crowded night markets in case she came across the famous black leather jacket, flocked to the restaurants where the tech company CEO was dining, and asked him to sign every object between squealing and nearly fainting. She is the Taylor Swift of the chip industry, Taiwan’s national hero. But it has a very strong rival that promises to eclipse it: the leading leader in Advanced Micro Devices (amd), Lisa Suesecond cousin.

Rumors have been circulating on the Internet for years trying to connect the dots because both are of Taiwanese descent, immigrated to the United States in their childhood, and their professional lives have been channeled into the chips. The mystery was solved by Jean Wu, a Taiwanese genealogist who, after extensive research, several interviews with Huang’s relatives and a host of data, came to the most desirable conclusion: Nvidia CEO’s mother is Lisa Su’s grandmother’s sisterso they are second cousins. Although the story seems strange, the relationship between the two was confirmed by AMD’s own CEO. In an interview in 2020, where he was asked about his relationship with his direct rival, Su replied with a smile: “yes, we are a distant family.”

The rivalry between the two reached its peak at the last Computex technology fair.Held in Taiwan. Su was the one chosen to deliver the forum’s opening speech before Huang, who had opened the previous year’s edition. Not wanting to lose this habit, Nvidia CEO announced that the news presentation, a two-hour program in which he was featured, would be held one day before the start of the fair. As a counterattack, Su appeared on the Computex stage with several partners with whom he collaborated to create the first AI computers, such as Lenovo executive vice president Luca Rossi or HP CEO Enrique Lores. Jonney Shih, president of Taiwan’s Asustek, described Su at one point in his presentation: “Taiwan’s pride”, an adjective often associated with Huang. Both are vying for the throne of leading the implementation of AI in laptops and all industries around us; That’s why their products continue to be updated every few months.

Family dedicated to technology

Unlike the history of hatred between brands Adidas and Puma, created by the conflict between brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, Huang and Su appear not to have known each other until they came to the companies they lead today. Huang moved to Thailand when he was five years old, and from there his family sent him to the United States. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University and a master’s degree in the same field from Stanford University, He founded Nvidia in 1993 with fellow engineers Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem. Dedicating itself to the development of graphics processing units (GPU).

Over time, the three engineers realized that GPUs were also used to run complex algorithms, such as those used today in Amazon and Google data centers or artificial intelligence systems. Thus, the company, which started its journey with $ 40,000, managed to increase its profit sevenfold with $ 14,881 million in the first fiscal quarter of 2024 and has already become the second largest company in terms of market value after Apple with a valuation of $ 3.01 trillion. Last year there was a 218% revaluation. Company It has over 80% market share in its field.and as a result, its logo appeared on almost every new product introduced at Computex. During its appearance at the show, Nvidia announced its next two launches, without going into details: Blackwell Ultra AI for 2025, an update to the existing GB200 it introduced just two months ago, and the Rubin AI platform due in 2025. 2026.

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Su’s story is very similar. He came to New York when he was only two years old and received his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His professional career began at the Semiconductor Process and Slide Center at Texas Instruments, and from there he moved to IBM, where he held various engineering and business management positions for 13 years. He joined AMD in 2012 as senior vice president and general manager of general business units, and two years later, He took the reins as CEO amid the company’s collapse.

It is said that he is AMD savior. The firm had laid off a quarter of its staff to clean up its books, and each work traded for just two dollars. Her He saw an opportunity in Intel’s missteps over Apple’s decision not to use its chips in iPhones and began signing deals with laptop manufacturers like Lenovo and giants like Google to fill the gap left by the American company due to delays in the production of its units. And it turned out well. Between January and March 2024, its net profit was $123 million, and it gained 42% in value on the stock market in the last year, reaching $167 per share. AMD introduced Ryzen AI 300 chips with 50 TOPS (trillion operations per second) performance at Computex, targeting new computers with artificial intelligence in Lenovo, ASUS, HP and Microsoft models.

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