Dentist explains why snacking after lunch is harmful 09:46

According to US dentist Ellie Phillips, snacking within two hours of lunch disrupts the natural salivary mineralization process of teeth. This increases the risk of developing caries. In this respect reports Daily Mail edition.

The doctor explained that salivation depends on certain circadian rhythms, that is, cyclical fluctuations in the intensity of various biological processes occurring during the day. In the morning, saliva is produced more slowly and has a lower pH. The hydrogen index (pH) is a value used to characterize the acidity of an environment. Low pH is typical for acidic substrates.

In the afternoon, the pH of saliva becomes suitable for the mineralization of the teeth, that is, their saturation with important macro- and microelements. According to Phillips, snacking after the main meal of the day (lunch) interferes with the mineralization process, reducing saliva’s ability to prevent tooth decay from developing.

The dentist explained that you should not eat snacks within two hours after lunch. In this case, you should avoid consuming all kinds of food and drinks.

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