Russians warned about the entry of bark beetle pest from the Far East 09:16

Entomological scientists from the Siberian Federal University investigated the distribution routes of the invasive alien bark beetle Ussuri polygraph (Polygraphus proximus Blandford). It turned out that this harmful insect spread from the Far East to Siberia, beyond the Urals and to the border regions of Kazakhstan. This may threaten the death of fir plantations on the territory of Russia, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation reported this to

“In its natural range (Far East), this bark beetle is a background species and mainly attacks weakened and wind-blown fir trees. Far Eastern fir species have evolved together with this insect over centuries and developed natural defense mechanisms against it. When the polygraph entered Siberia, it showed that it was an aggressive pest capable of invading healthy trees of a new host plant – the Siberian fir. Unfortunately, this type of fir turned out to be defenseless in front of the alien,” he told Gazeta. Ru” co-author of the study, leading researcher at the Laboratory of Biogeochemistry of Ecosystems of the Siberian Federal University and the eponymous Institute of Forestry. VN Sukacheva, Doctor of Biological Sciences Natalya Kirichenko.

The bark beetle has already penetrated into many regions of Siberia and beyond the Urals. In addition, foci of mass breeding of the Ussuri lie detector have been recorded in the Krasnodar region for several years.

Scientists confirmed the type of pest based on the insects and their remains.
It was extracted from under the bark of damaged Siberian fir trees.

“Since local predators and parasitoid insects cannot quickly react and take control of the alien Ussuri polygraph by eating it, humans need to take on the role of regulators of their numbers and take all measures to prevent its further spread. Kirichenko says the dangerous alien pest is spreading to new regions.

Experts from the Siberian Federal University, Institute of Forestry named after him. VN Sukachev SB RAS, Altai and Tomsk State Universities, as well as the Forestry Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences with financial support from the Russian Science Foundation.

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Source: Gazeta


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