Tourist from Primorye disappeared while rafting in the Amur region 07:17

In the Amur region, rescue teams are looking for a tourist who disappeared while kayaking on the Selemdzha River. In this respect reports Amur Center for Civil Protection and Fire Safety.

Rescuers from Blagoveshchensk went to the Selemdzhinsky district to search for a man lost in the river. A group of tourists were kayaking on the Selemdzha River. Near the village of Stoiba, one of the travelers swam away and his companions lost sight of him.

The remaining members of the group searched the downstream and upstream waters with motor boats, found no one and asked for help. Several rescue teams are searching for a tourist from Primorye until his location is located.

It was previously reported that he was in Sochi. found A tourist lost in the mountains. On June 4, the man went into the forest and did not return. Rescuers examined the slope of the Alek ridge, then searched the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe trail from Vodoprovodnaya Mountain to the Crooked Oak tract. Later, a helicopter was brought for the events. We managed to find the tourist. According to preliminary data, the passenger has a traumatic brain injury. Despite the damage, he is conscious.

Previously in Katun rescued Tourists who found themselves in the water after the raft overturned.

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Source: Gazeta


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