Most Russians expressed desire to use Russian social networks 16:35

There is a demand from domestic and foreign users and media for the development of Russian platforms. They can ensure freedom of expression and data security. To this conclusion, St. Participants of the “New Media in the Multipolar World” session organized by the “Dialogue” and “New Media Workshop” within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum have arrived.

Representatives of Russian platforms, foreign experts and media professionals attended the session.

According to the moderator of the discussion, Alexander Machevsky, General Director of VEB.RF, the anonymization of anonymous Telegram channels, broadcasting, gaming, artificial intelligence, integration of media platforms and the return of classic broadcasts are among the main trends in the media.

Yulia Ablets, Deputy General Director of ANO “Dialogue Zones”, founder of the “New Media Workshop” training program, presented research stating that 61% of Russians want to use Russian social networks because they understand the mentality of domestic platforms, survey participants consider this patriotic.

“Within the framework of our New Media Workshop project, we see that foreign media professionals have also become aware of this interest in Russian media and media education. This year alone, we received applications for training from representatives of 19 countries,” said Yulia Ablets.

At the same time, he emphasized that the New Media Workshop did not do any proactive work to attract foreigners to study.

General Director of the News Media publishing house (Mash, Life, etc.) Maxim Iksanov noted that relying on the development of domestic platforms makes it possible to change working standards in the media.

“We have always loved experiments. Experimenting is an investment. We were not afraid to invest in Telegram: we chose the best journalists from the Life publication and brought them to work in Telegram, which had neither money nor viewers. We felt the trend was changing. The battle between headlines and traffic is approaching its logical conclusion. We need not only honest journalism, but also a different language. The language of communication needs to be rediscovered,” Iksanov emphasized.

Experts also noted that it is important to develop classical media that also has its own audience.

US blogger and political commentator Jackson Hinkle, who attended the session, believes that Russian platforms will gain serious weight.

“Americans are interested in Russian culture, Russian media, they are interested in what is happening in the country. For example, the news I publish reaches more than 20 million people. So I think the most important thing is to persist with your value system,” Hinkle concluded.

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Source: Gazeta


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