A way to bypass the protective membrane of a cancerous tumor has been found 12:01

Blocking the ROCK2 protein can quadruple the efficiency of drug delivery in fibrotic pancreatic cancer. This has been shown by a published study. Journal of Controlled Release (JCR).

Pancreatic cancer (PCa) is one of the most aggressive types of malignant tumors. It is often resistant to conventional treatments. This is partly due to the dense fibrous tissue surrounding the tumor. It poses an obstacle to the distribution of anticancer drugs.

Traditional models for examining the fibrous capsule around a pancreatic tumor poorly simulate the complexity of the disease. In a new study, scientists created a more advanced model using cells from a patient with prostate cancer.

The new model made it possible to identify molecules that could be targeted to improve the penetration of drugs into the tumor. These turned out to be TGFβ, ROCK2 and YAP. As part of the experiment, scientists managed to reduce the degree of fibrosis by 60% and at the same time quadruple the penetration of large therapeutic molecules into the tumor.

The results could improve treatment of other types of cancer, such as stomach, breast and lung tumors. Fibrosis also occurs in non-cancerous diseases.

Previously academician Ginzburg saidWhen will cancer vaccination be given to Russian patients?

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Source: Gazeta


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