Doctor lists non-obvious causes of acne 20:22

Washing your face too often, overusing aggressive skin care products and worn out bed linens can cause acne. About this post Daily Mail said American dermatologist Anthony Rossi.

According to the doctor, a common mistake in skin care is washing your face too often. In fact, you should wash your face at most twice a day. The doctor explained that the upper layer of the skin serves as a “home” for many beneficial bacteria that ensure the normal functioning of the skin. The skin also naturally contains a thin secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Frequent cleansing can completely deprive the skin of this protection. Pimples can be a result of irritation due to dryness, or they can occur due to excessive sebum production as a compensatory mechanism.

Skin care products containing retinol and vitamin C can also destroy the skin barrier. According to a dermatologist, such products are very aggressive. Another cause of acne can be the use of inappropriate hair products such as shampoo and hairspray. In this case, acne appears on the temples and forehead.

In addition, the use of stale linens sometimes leads to deterioration of skin quality. The fabric from which pillowcases are made absorbs sebum, decorative cosmetics and skin particles. Daily exposure to these pollutants can be comedogenic. At the same time, linens do not need to be changed every day – just wash them regularly.

The doctor added that acne can also be caused by hormonal imbalance or hereditary predisposition. In this case, the treatment strategy should be chosen by a dermatologist.

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