Artificial intelligence helped scientists create the world’s strongest superconducting magnet 19:33

An international team of scientists from the UK and Japan has designed the world’s strongest iron-based superconducting magnet using artificial intelligence (AI) programming. The research was published in the scientific journal magazine NPG Asian Materials (NPG AM).

Superconducting magnets are capable of creating very strong and stable magnetic fields without requiring large amounts of energy. This means they can be used in MRI machines and magnetic levitation trains. Today, huge superconductors made from an alloy of niobium and tin are used to create them. The size and cost of these devices make their use difficult.

The team used a machine learning system called BOXVIA to help design a more economical and efficient iron-based magnet. BOXVIA has identified patterns that improve the performance of items.

Without AI input, the researchers say, they had to spend months properly designing and testing each prototype.

Scientists also discovered that BOXVIA’s superconductors have a different structure at the microscopic level, with larger iron crystals. This approach enabled the creation of the strongest iron-based superconducting magnet to date.

Previous researchers was created Artificial intelligence will search for Earth-like planets in deep space.

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Source: Gazeta


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