New details about the murderer of activist Yegovtsev have been revealed 11:39

Press secretary and deputy head of the People’s Call movement Anton Yegovtsev Ekaterina’s husband was followed by a man for several years, but the police ignored her statements. This was reported by telegram channel Base.

According to the woman, she was being followed by a man named Dmitry Matveev. She was involved in the family’s affairs, kept an eye on him and did not respond to requests to leave him behind. However, the police did not accept the statements, saying “nothing happened”.

According to the channel, a few hours before the activist’s attack, an unidentified person in a green T-shirt approached Yegovtsev’s neighbor, allegedly with a package for him, but he had nothing in his hand. The “courier” asked for Anton’s number and argued that the package should be delivered personally. The man then approached the doorman and asked for the activist’s contact information.

The neighbor forgot about this situation, but heard screams outside the door late at night. He looked out from the entrance and saw that he was fighting with Yegovtsev. His opponent was wearing the same green T-shirt. At one point, the unidentified man pulled out a knife and stabbed the man several times.

The injured Yegovtsev knocked on his neighbor’s door after the fight, but the woman was afraid to open the door to him because she had a child with her at home. Police arrived 15 minutes after the neighbor’s call, but the attacker was no longer there and Egovtsev was dead.

Former prosecutor’s office in the name The main version of the reason for the murder of a skater in Moscow.

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Source: Gazeta


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