Scientists find ancient cave paintings depicting the Sahara as green and full of water 17:45

Australian archaeologists from Macquarie University in Sydney have found unusual rock paintings deep in the Sahara Desert in Sudan. The artifacts, which are more than 4,000 years old, depict grazing cows and numerous boats, which do not fit well with the arid landscape of the region. The research was published in the scientific journal broadcasting Journal of Egyptian Archeology (JEA).

Scientists noted that the nearest body of water in the form of Lake Nubia is located almost 100 kilometers from where the petroglyphs were discovered. This region of Eastern Sahara, also known as the Atbay Desert, was not suitable for animal husbandry for the past thousands of years.

According to the researchers, the cave paintings provide evidence of a period known as the “Wet Period of Africa.” It existed about 5 thousand years ago, and during this period the Sahara was rich in water and covered with green meadows.

Archaeologists believe the petroglyphs were created before the arrival of the African monsoon, which turned grasslands into desert and forced people to move closer to the Nile River. Climate change B.C. It occurred after 3000 BC.

Previous scientists I learnedThat the Green Sahara period helped primitive people leave Africa and settle in Eurasia.

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