Media reveals identity of man shot dead in Moscow 12:09

The victim of the man who opened fire in the Fili-Davydkovo district of Moscow may have been 34-year-old Konstantin Balishansky. This was reported by telegram channel Shot.

According to the channel, the deceased is the son of Andrei Balishansky, president of the Mediasystem Group company. The company deals with multimedia equipment, LED and LCD displays and offers them major exhibitions and events. He worked for his father’s company, was also interested in skateboarding and was a member of the NikeSB Russia team.

Andrei Balishansky refused to comment on what happened.

Shot believes the murder has been committed. The killer shot Balishansky with a machine gun near the house where he lived. It was stated that the attacker was wearing black clothes and had a medical mask on his face.

When the man went to the entrance, he opened fire. Balishansky tried to escape, but the attacker caught up with him and finished him off with a shot in the head.

Law enforcement is currently looking for the killer. Investigators are looking into who may have given the victim’s order.

Before that in SK reported initiate criminal proceedings.

Previously law enforcement introduced “Intervention” plan.

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Source: Gazeta


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