A third of Russians do not know how to act in an emergency 07:00

A third of Russians do not know how to act in an emergency, another 12% have only partial knowledge on the subject. This was shown by a survey conducted by the ROSIZOL association, the results of which were reviewed by socialbites.ca.

Of the remaining respondents, 42% are confident that they remember the basic rules from school life lessons, and 7% are confident that they remember them thanks to instructions at work. And only 10% have studied emergency conduct on their own as adults.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Emergencies, 569 fires occurred in public buildings in Moscow in 2023; This is almost 17% more than in 2022. Between January and April this year, 175 fires occurred in public places in the capital. A total of 4,219 such cases were recorded in Russia last year. During January-April 2024, 1,422 fires were recorded in public places across the country.

In the event of a fire in a public place, 92% of Russians surveyed would probably immediately start moving towards the nearest exit, while 7% would follow the general crowd. And only 41% breathe through a handkerchief or sleeve.

“Respiratory protection is the most important rule of behavior in case of fire. The fact is that the severity of the consequences for the health of the victims is determined by the combined effects of toxic combustion products. Even in small concentrations, they can cause significant structural changes in the respiratory system, nervous system and circulatory system, causing disability or death. It is important to take into account that the long-term consequences of poisoning with toxic combustion products appear not immediately, but after a few days,” said Candidate of Medical Sciences, toxicologist Andrei Bazhin, senior doctor of the emergency department, St. Petersburg State Budgetary Health Institution “City Clinic 23”.

As said Sergei Abramov, deputy head of the department responsible for the organization of supervisory and preventive measures in the field of fire safety of the Department of Supervisory Activities and Preventive Work of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia in Moscow, another important rule is your behavior in case of fire, with attempts to deal with the fire on your own is related.

According to him, women die in fires much less often than men, and this is because women take their children and other people with them when faced with an emergency, trying to find a way out. In contrast, men are much more likely to rush to fight a fire, even if they do not have special skills and firefighting equipment. But this is extremely dangerous, as the flame spreads very quickly, and without special training it is absolutely pointless.

The situation is no better when it comes to first aid to victims: only 12% of respondents know how to provide it, while the majority (64%) only know the rules in general terms. 24% admitted they would definitely not be able to provide first aid to fire victims and other emergencies, while 3% were confident they would never need such skills.

To get out of the labyrinth of smoky corridors in public places, it is important for visitors to independently navigate the evacuation plan. Meanwhile, almost half of Russians (44%) do not even pay attention to evacuation routes when visiting public buildings (including shopping malls).

“Only 8% of survey respondents have the habit of reviewing the entire evacuation route in advance; Another 23% are trying to remember where emergency exits are. One in five respondents (21%) only pay attention to escape routes when visiting unfamiliar places,” said Evgenia Sviridova, general director of the Modern Mineral Insulation Manufacturers Association ROSIZOL.

As Andrey Bazhin noted, about 70-80% of victims die precisely due to poisoning with poisonous gases.

When discussing the security of public buildings, including shopping malls and cinemas, the majority of survey participants agreed that strict requirements should be established for their construction and operation. Only 4% of respondents admitted that this was not important to them and that current standards were quite adequate.

“The remaining 59% of respondents stated that evacuation routes should be highlighted more clearly. 55 percent of Russians believe that such facilities should be built only from fireproof building materials. 44% believe public spaces need as many fire shields as possible. 42% were in favor of building such buildings only from non-toxic materials,” said Sviridova.

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