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In the nineties and zeros, the most common way to deceive employees was non-payment of wages, but in 2007, Article 145.1 of the Criminal Code. This situation arose with the addition of the article. “Non-payment of wages, pensions, benefits and other payments”, such scams have decreased sharply, but even now there are employers who indicate the minimum wage in the employment contract and promise to pay the rest “in an envelope”. They only pay the official part of the salary under various excuses. Lawyer Vladimir Atapin told about this.

“Of course, it is better not to get a job in a company where a small “white” part of the salary is offered, and the main part is paid “in an envelope”, but what should an employee who still receives a salary do? Do you work in such an organization and are faced with refusal to pay the “gray” salary? Such an employee is required to collect evidence that the organization pays wages “in an envelope.” Evidence may include audio and video recordings of communications with management, correspondence in instant messengers, and the like. It will be useful to agree with other employees who will confirm the payment of wages “in gray” as witnesses. “If there is evidence, the employee must apply to the Investigation Committee with a statement that labor rights have been violated,” he explained.

There are other popular ways to trick employees.

“They promise to hire an employee only after the internship. Any internship must be paid. Additionally, the company establishes a system of fines for any violations. The expert said that the law prohibits fines for employees; He said that only disciplinary sanctions directly provided for by the Labor Code are possible – reprimand, reprimand and dismissal “in accordance with the article.”

In addition, such companies offer to pay for equipment, professional training, pay a deposit for transferred materials, etc. offers. Scammers can pose as intermediaries who are guaranteed to get a job in large Russian companies for a “small” fee.

“A more sophisticated method of deception is when fraudsters access bank cards under the guise of employers. “This could be a direct request for card information, including the back-end, or an offer to enter card information through a fake bank website or phishing site,” he added.

Scammers may also collect personal data to apply for credit. To do this, they ask you to fill out a form on the website, send a photo of your passport and log in via SMS.

“If you are offered a salary that is two to three times higher than the average for a simple job, you should be careful. Real businessmen are reasonable in their expenses and never overpay,” the lawyer emphasized.

You should also be wary of companies that lack customer and employee reviews, have no offices, or are located in an inaccessible location.

“If you have received a call from an unknown number, sent a message asking you to call back or follow a link, then never click on links or call back. The message may contain a program to be recorded on the smartphone and criminals can gain access to mobile banking; “The unknown number may turn out to be a toll line.”

Russians before said about life hacks on how to get money back for repairs.

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Source: Gazeta


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