Isa Pantoja is frank about Anabel Pantoja’s pregnancy: “It would hurt me if my mother acted like a great-aunt and not like a grandmother”

The announcement of Anabel Pantoja’s pregnancy continues to create significant reactions, especially in close circles. Except for the words of her ex-husband Omar Sánchez, ‘Let’s see’ spoke to Isa Pantoja this WednesdayHe explained that he learned the news from his son Alberto’s congregation.

“After the special aired, he called me and said that he was very happy and that he had received messages from all over the world. I am very happy, but he is happier than everyone else,” commented the collaborator of Telecinco’s morning show.

The former ‘Survivors’ contestant also explained some of the advice she gave to her cousin during this pregnancy: “I constantly tell him things about my son, and now I tell him this: Leave the negative comments aside and enjoy your pregnancy.“.

Isa Pantoja also spoke very clearly about whether this baby would unite her family and dealt a significant blow to Isabel Pantoja: “There are already children in the family. My mother already has grandchildren and if they haven’t done that, I don’t think it would change the situation much. “I hope it will be like this,” he said.

The collaborator was also frank when answering whether it would bother him that his mother, Anabel Pantoja, treated her son like a great-aunt: “It doesn’t bother me, but it could hurt… It would really bother me, especially for my son.“But I hope this communication continues and I can take her to see the baby.”

Source: Informacion


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