This person was called the center of all national goals outlined by Putin 21:23

People are the focus of all national goals put forward by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the Strategic Development and National Projects Council. Nikita Setov, Deputy General Director of Polylog Consulting Group, stated at the roundtable meeting of the Expert Institute for Social Research (EIS): “Seven National Goals: What kind of Russia are we building?”

“There is absolute agreement around the national goals that have been set,” he stressed.

Irina Hildebrandt, director of strategic projects at the NAFI analytical center, said a center survey of 1,600 Russian residents over the age of 18 showed that 82 percent of Russians believe that the state and citizens should act jointly in solving public problems.

According to him, another survey among 5,159 Russian citizens over the age of 14 showed that Russians’ awareness of the National Goals Decree is now 61%.

“This is a pretty good indicator, considering that the decision was signed only in May. An important consideration is how residents perceive the direction of national goals. For them, three key areas: family support, a comfortable and safe environment, digital transformation of public administration,” Hildebrandt said.

As Deputy Director General for National Priorities Mikhail Shumakov explained, the first national projects launched in 2019 have proven their effectiveness. According to him, people are seeing positive changes from their implementation. He emphasized that the research also confirmed this.

At the round table meeting, experts noted that the family is the focus of all national projects. Tatyana Butskaya, the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family Protection, explained that there is not a single industry that is not related to motherhood and childhood in one way or another.

In turn, Natalya Lindigrin, general director of the Institute for Regional Issues, said that the funds obtained from tax innovations will also be used to support families. According to him, the entire state mechanism is aimed at achieving national goals.

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Source: Gazeta


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