The prosecutor’s office requested a prison sentence for the person who attacked a Cuatro reporter on live broadcast

Justice begins to take action after the sexual assault of Isabel Balado during her live broadcast in the center of Madrid last September 2023. Madrid State Prosecutor’s Office requested 18 months in prison For the man who blamed sexual assault on the reporter on the Cuatro show by touching her ass while she was doing her job.

In the letter, the Public Ministry also requests that the man be banned from contacting the victim in any way and that a restraining order be issued 500 meters away from his home, place of work or study “and any place he frequents.” Balado will also be paid 1,000 euros in non-pecuniary damages.

As stated in the indictment, the events took place at noon on September 23, 2023. Reporter Isa Balado was reporting live from Madrid’s Lavapiés district. A man passing by on the street touched her ass.

The reporter continued to do his job until Nacho Abad, the host of the program ‘En boca de todos’, disconnected after seeing what was happening. “Sorry to interrupt, Isa, but did he just touch your ass?, the journalist says to the reporter on the set. To which she answers yes, visibly disturbed and violated. “I can’t understand that,” the presenter replied angrily. “Can you put that stupid man in front of me, please?” he asks his partner.

Later, Isa Balado confronts the attacker: “Do you really have to touch my ass if you want to ask what show we’re from?” he asks.I’m doing a live show and I’m working“, replies to this person.

Subject He tried to shake her hand to apologizebut he reject the moveHe received another clear answer from the reporter: “I want you to let me work.” For his part, the person added, “I didn’t mean to touch your ass,” which made Nacho Abad even angrier: “This guy is an idiot.”

Finally, after a hostile period of time, the attacker leaves when the reporter asks him to leave her alone. but not before touching the woman’s hair in a paternalistic and sexist way.

Hours later, the National Police arrested The man who sexually assaulted the Cuatro program reporter. The National Police showed footage of how the arrest was carried out in a post uploaded to X profiles. Arrest of a Romanian national born in 1998As journalist Alejandro Requejo reported in the episode ‘Let’s see’ (Telecinco).

Source: Informacion


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