A woman was injured in the mine explosion in Lepestok in Donetsk 19:57

A civilian was injured in the explosion at the Lepestok anti-personnel mine in Donetsk. The mayor of the city, Alexey Kulemzin, reported this in his report. telegram channel.

“A woman was injured,” the broadcast states.

According to the mayor, the incident took place on Tokarev Street in the Kirovsky district. It was announced that the victim was retired. The woman, who was injured in her foot as a result of a mine explosion, was taken to a medical facility.

Mines, especially anti-personnel mines, are considered brutal weapons due to their indiscriminate effects and danger to civilians. That’s why they’re trying to ban it, and the UN even declared April 4 as Mine Awareness Day and a day to help clear mines. It is important to remember that mines are not primitive “pancakes” just waiting to be stepped on. Some of these are “smart” and can pick out targets, while others are virtually invisible to metal detectors. About mineral diversity – in the material “socialbites.ca”.

Before in the Moscow courtyard to create mine-like object.

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Source: Gazeta


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