Expert explained why multiple sclerosis is insidious 14:13

Multiple sclerosis is very difficult to recognize in the early stages because most of its symptoms are not alarming. In a conversation we had with RIAMO about this issue reported President of the All-Russian Public Organization of Disabled Persons with Multiple Sclerosis Yan Vlasov. According to him, science has not yet found a definitive answer to the question of what exactly triggers the development of this disease.

“The disease can cause disturbances in almost all human functions (vision, movements, emotions, etc.). These may be non-critical changes that alert the person immediately, which is the main reason why people often ignore the first symptoms of the disease.” He stated that he was an expert.

He explained that a symptom such as numbness in the hand can be confused with nerve compression or osteochondrosis, and concentration problems can easily be attributed to fatigue.

Neurologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences, formerly medical specialist at Gemotest laboratory Ekaterina Demyanovskaya spokeMultiple sclerosis usually manifests itself before the age of 40, and women are more likely to get the disease. In his opinion, the genetic factor plays a big role – if the parents are sick, the probability of detecting the disease in children increases. The disease begins when the immune system destroys the sheaths of nerve fibers in different parts of the brain. The expert explained that the symptoms depend on the nature and location of the damage.

Russians before in the name A dangerous habit that leads to the development of sclerosis.

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Source: Gazeta


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