Dniester begins to dry up due to actions of Ukrainian energy workers 01:18

At the end of May, the Dniester River suddenly became shallow due to the release of water from Ukrainian hydroelectric power plants. The newspaper reports this “News”.

The river bed dried up almost completely in some places, turning into a small channel, and the earth began to resemble the surface of the moon.

According to Moldova’s former Minister of Culture and Education, Corneliu Popovich, the Dniester was on the verge of disaster. Approximately 10 million people in Moldova, Romania and Ukraine may be left without drinking water.

The cause of the current problems was the operation of the Ukrainian hydroelectric complex, where they suddenly began to release water to increase electricity production. At the same time, Vitaly Kolvenko, director of the Transnistria Hydrometeorological Center, noted that the water discharge occurred not gradually, but suddenly. This caused large waves to form and flood the surrounding areas. Later, the Ukrainian side reduced the water discharge, causing the river to become shallower.

Boris German, director of the Dubossary hydroelectric power station in Transnistria, said that the level of the Dniester reservoir had fallen by 6.5 meters.

Experts believe that water shortages in the region may worsen in the future. The situation is further complicated by the extremely weak interaction between Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria.

Before that in Ukraine knownthey will not have time to restart all energy facilities before winter.

Previously in Kiev statedUkraine has been facing power outages for years.

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Source: Gazeta


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