Use and misuse of the European health card and ‘smart employment’

Ana Jover | Alicante

The ocean of tourists directly affects services and employment and leaves a significant mark on Spain. Considering the breadth of the sector, healthcare services stand out within the group.What do foreign tourists do? Because we left many benefits, many endemic holes and some questions. And now that the European elections are approaching, it is possible that there will be offers and even some answers about enjoying the fun. European Health Card and also fraudulent use that some Europeans are talking about, or about the health threats of cross-border movements.

The European Union has already made a commitment regarding employment. One of the plans involving smart tourism was the first Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (Perte) supported by the Spanish Government with European funds. close to average 100 million is allocated annually digitize and we promote sustainable tourism.

Benidorm was the first smart destination The practices stated by the Spanish administration have completely affected urban planning, mobility and, of course, employment. Europe places emphasis on microSMEs and commitment to rural employment to save the regions. Looking at 9J, it remains to be seen whether the bet will be maintained or redirected, given that the economic involvement of autonomies and municipal councils complicates the justification of the funds.

On health, Europe has made much more progress since it decided to launch the European Health Card (EHIC) in 2012, and even more so after the pandemic. However, associating this basic service with tourism in Spain reveals two opposing points.

For years, the survey regarding the expenditures of foreign tourists in our country included the title “Voluntary health expenditures”. INE data saved 83.52 million in 2023, 39% more than the previous year. These are clinics and hospitals, wellness treatments and other care-related items. Health tourism represents only 0.1% of total expenditures, led by entertainment and holidays (93,412 million).

But compared to these data, there is another one that The debate between right to service and fraud. This is where the EU plays and can play a key role. According to the Court of Accounts report, as of January 1, 2018, the amount of invoices waiting to be collected in EU countries in connection with the healthcare field is estimated at 138.6 million euros. Professional associations have condemned the interest in fake tourists for years. a mishap. One of the most common cases is hip surgery, where the tourist simulates a fall and it is later proven that the injury occurred earlier.

As the elections approach, it is not yet known to what extent the EU will allow the elections.The European Health Card is linked to a data phone Among other outstanding issues is how some autonomy was claimed and also whether Brits will continue to enjoy these benefits after Brexit ends.


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