The doctor explained how to detect liver diseases from the belly button 22:03

Head of Medusa – dilated tortuous veins around the navel may indicate increased hepatic portal vein pressure due to cirrhosis. In this respect Speech Dr. Dan Baumgardt said:

The belly button is the scar left after the umbilical cord, which provides nutrition to the fetus, falls off during pregnancy. In 90% of cases it is a depression and in 10% it is a protrusion. In infants (less often in adults), a rocky mass of omphalitis may form in the navel, resulting from dirt and skin cells.

One of the common diseases related to the belly button is a hernia. It occurs when various parts of the abdominal cavity extend beyond their limits. A hernia may be suspected from a small, flesh-colored lump in the umbilical area. Surgery may be required to correct this defect.

Hard nodes of varying color may be a sign of cancer metastasis. This discovery was made by nurse and nun Mary Joseph Dempsey. At that time (late 19th century), stomach and pelvic cancers were usually diagnosed at advanced stages. Tumors are now detected earlier, so they often do not develop until metastatic nodes have formed in the abdominal area.

Also, examining the belly may indicate liver disease. There are many veins under the surrounding skin that direct blood to the hepatic portal vein (a large vein that leads to the liver, filled with nutrients absorbed from the intestines). The veins around the umbilical cord can thicken if the pressure in this vein increases (for example, due to cirrhosis). In this case, a pattern similar to the hair of the Gorgon Medusa is formed on the stomach.

previous doctors listed early symptoms of skin cancer.

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Source: Gazeta


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